All you need to know about the EU settlement scheme

A new document which grants  EU nationals and their families the opportunity to stay after the transition period has been issued.

What’s the EU settlement scheme?

The EU settlement scheme, is document that protects  the rights of EU applicants, who has been residents in the UK for the past 5 years to stay permanently in the UK , and have the same rights as UK citizens after Brexit.

The application has a limited time of 25 minutes of completion, it’s very easy and free of charge. Instructions in how to apply can be  easily found on the GOV.UK website. Although information are available on the website, people would need to download the Identity Document Check app which is currently available only for Android phones.

As for now, Apple users won’t be able to use the self-identification app because of Apple policy in not allowing a third part to access the “ID Chip”. Regarding this issue Home Office stated that:

“We are however, working constructively with Apple and hope to come to fix for this issues in coming months”

the easy application which provide a step to step guidance to applicants

The scheme was fully open for application on Saturday 30 March 2019, a day after the Brexit missed day.

According to the Home Office , so far 200,000 people have applied and received the status under the scheme.

EU members that have been in the UK for less than 5 years can still apply , and if eligible they will receive a pre-settle status , which allows applicants to stay in the UK for 5 more years. But it is advised for people to apply for a “settled status” as soon as they reach their 5 years of residency.

The are two different deadlines, by which people should apply for the scheme , June 2021 if the UK reach a deal, December 2020 in case on no deal.

With this period of uncertainty regarding Brexit, the sooner the better.

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